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Custom Color Bright + Shine Kit

Custom Color Bright + Shine Kit

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Does your color need a boost of brightness and a mega-dose of shine? Fast forward to that perfect end of summer, sunkissed shade you crave with our Custom Color Bright & Shine Booster Kit. Perfect for all types of hair, this gentle brightener will subtly enhance all shades from Icy Cool to Buttery Blondes, Strawberry to Copper Redheads, and Caramel to Rich Brunettes. Enhances the variation of tones in your hair to bring out soft high and mid-tones.
This kit contains everything you'll need to turn your color up a notch.

- Blondes who need lift, this kit will lighten your hair up to 1 level and adjust the tone at the same time.
- Redheads who are losing that warm ginger glow, this kit will reinvigorate richness and wakeup the highlights in your hair.
- Brunettes who want to lighten up just a touch, this kit will lighten your hair up to 1/2 level and adjust the tone at the same time. Perfect if your color feels a little bit too dark.

***The Bright & Shine Kit is NOT RECOMMENDED for hair that has been previously dyed extremely dark/blue-black or very cool violet/blue-based Redheads. Results on these hair tones will render a shift in color that may reveal too much warmth for your taste.

* This product will NOT cover gray hair and should not be used on hair that is compromised, damaged, has been chemically relaxed, treated with Keratin, or colored with Henna.

The Bright & Shine Kit Includes:

  • 1 Single-Use Application of your Custom Color Bright & Shine Enhancer
  • 1 Packet of Cucinello Plush Perfecting Shampoo
  • 1 Packet of Cucinello Plush Deluxe Perfecting Conditioner
  • 1 Set of disposable Vinyl Gloves (Latex & Powder-Free)
  • 1 Plastic Processing Cap
  • Cotton Protective Pads (to prevent dripping)
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